What the Bare Naked Ladies say, (in their song If I Had A Million Dollars):  

If I had a million dollars I would buy you a house/

If I had a million dollars/I would buy your furniture for your house

If I had a million dollars/ I would buy you love

What we can learn from BNL:

Money only goes so far unless you learn to invest in things that are going to keep earning you money over time. The stock market, education and personal development, and real estate are all great examples of investments that keep on giving in the long term.

How you can use investments in your own life to create wealth:

Placing your money in investments is a great way to grow your money as opposed to spending every last time on material items like clothes, furniture and video games.

Every great money maverick you can think of has a portfolio of diversified investment assets that make him or her richer and richer every year.

The Financial Lessons:

  1. Don’t spend every dime you make. Instead choose a few things to invest in to earn money.
  2. Investments don’t always mean stocks, bonds, or real estate. You can make an investment in going back to school, or a vehicle that is going to get you to and from work better, or a laptop that will help you work from anywhere. If it helps you make more money…it’s an investment.


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