Affiliate Policy

Affiliate Policy

We started iSow because we want more young people to understand the power of money – the power it has to help you achieve your goals, the power it has to change the lives of those who are less fortunate, and the power of investing it early in your life so that it can fuel your dreams later.

Because of our reason for starting this site – we love kids and our inspired by our own kids – we will never recommend financial products that we haven’t fully vetted or that we don’t trust.  Some of those products – like Wealthfront – will give us a referral fee when we refer you to them, and that’s awesome because it enables us to keep growing iSow and getting it to more people.  Others – like Fidelity – don’t have a referral program, and that’s okay too.  Whether or not we have an affiliate referral relationship with a partner, we will never refer something that we think is bad for you, and we’ll never fail to refer something that could be good for you.  Period.

iSow takes the guesswork out of financial literacy by explaining everything you need to know about finance in a way that you understand.

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